As economic turbulence looms, Forrester recommends companies rein in spending – but not on RPA or A.I.
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As economic turbulence looms, Forrester recommends companies rein in spending – but not on RPA or A.I.

Through economic turbulence, "quiet quitters" and financial uncertainty, one thing is clear: Process Automation is key

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Alan Childs
Alan Childs
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Alan is a highly respected Sales Leader with 20+ years of experience across verticals and transformational technologies. He focuses on leading sales and helping organizations gain value from RPA.

This Article by Forrester says it all! As economic turbulence looms, Forrester recommends companies rein in tech spending. But not on RPA or A.I.

These times seem unprecedented. We are needing to deal with the looming economic turbulence just two years after wrestling with uncertainty due to Covid.

Then we have the quiet quitters, the great resignation, hiring challenges, and organizations having to reduce costs (sometimes all at the same time). It is not the first time we have been in an unstable market.  Organizations must make decisions to reduce expenditures while still keeping up with the competition.

“There is no better time than the present to embrace process automation”

Organizations can’t take their foot off the gas.  They need to continue driving revenues while being agile to market changes. Some organizations have successfully embraced A.I. and RPA as part of their digital transformation. On the other hand, we have seen many companies struggle to get started or to achieve RPA @ scale. We also see organizations leveraging RPA for one-off projects but not as a part of their overall digital transformation. In these uncertain times, organizations need to embrace RPA across the enterprise, not as a one-off!

There is no better time than the present to embrace process automation. It’s the simplest way to drive efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

At Optezo, we have a process catalog with over 300 high-value use cases across all industries.

Along with our quick start two-week automation roadmap or process readiness workshop, we can ensure processes meet the value criteria to successfully automate while identifying many processes ripe for organizations to automate as little as a week.

Imagine having multiple processes fully automated, driving efficiency error-free within four weeks, as in the sample case studies provided.

Case Study Examples

AP Invoice HandlingNational Retailer

  • Automated extraction of invoice date from PDFs sent to AP
  • Extraction of Vendor Name, Invoice Number, Amount, Invoice Date
  • A digital worker logs in to process each PDF. (Unattended Bot)
  • Logs into Oracle FIS and enters Invoice fields after matching to PO
  • 95% of invoices extracted successfully using Document Understanding
  • 250 Invoices/Week, with a 50% reduction in manual tasks across 5 FTEs

Contact Center Agent Offboarding – Global Insurer

  • Each Agent has to be removed from an average of 8 systems
  • AHT/Ticket = 25 Min
  • Compliance requirement to offboard within 24 hours of termination
  • An unattended digital agent that monitors the Remedy queue
  • Implemented in 4 weeks while meeting SLAs in 24 hours, with the ticket time reduced to under a minute saving 3,000 hours annually

If you’re ready to talk about getting started with automation or scaling your program, please reach out!

About Optezo

Our goal at Optezo is to help great companies quickly realize the value of enterprise automation using RPA.

That's why we built Optezo to provide End-to-End Robotic Process Automation Services. Our vision is to bring you the benefits of RPA with a tightly defined playbook. Everything you need to successfully build an RPA program is included - strategy, implementation, support - or our All-in-One RPA as a Service.

Optezo eliminates the complexity, headaches and hassles of RPA so you can spend time on what's important.