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Enjoy the best of RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Optezo’s Robotic Process Automation-as-a-Service (RPAaaS)


The Benefits of RPA

RPA helps organizations of all sizes become faster and more agile, increase efficiencies and cut costs, all while creating happier and more engaged customers and employees.

RPAaaS Rapid Time to Value

Rapid Time to Value

Realize benefits in days and weeks instead of months and years.

RPAaaS Low Barrier to Entry

Low Barrier to Entry

Get started easily and quickly with RPA – no internal development teams necessary!

RPAaaS Happier and More Productive Employees

Happier and More Productive Employees

Let RPA handle the repetitive, manual tasks so your employees can focus on achieving enterprise goals.

RPAaaS Increased Data Accuracy and Information Compliance

Increase Data Accuracy and Compliance

Virtually eliminate human error with consistent and standardized process execution.

RPAaaS Increased Throughput

Increase Throughput

Get more done in less time. Deliver value quicker by automating repetitive processes.

Introducing Optezo's RPA as a Service (RPAaaS)

No need to tackle RPA on your own. No need for expensive consultants.
Maximize your ROI with Optezo’s RPA-as-a-Service. We have the playbook.

Fast Track your ROI

Fast-track Your Return on Investment

Quickly prioritize and implement automation use cases with Optezo’s top automation targets

Rapid RPA implementation and infrastructure connectivity

Large benefits with predictable costs

RPA benchmarking vs. peers and industry

Access Proven Experts

Access to Proven Experts

Instant team of RPA professionals will lead you through the entire RPA lifecycle from strategy to development to ongoing optimization

Out of the box RPA Center-of-Excellence - no need to build your own

No need to hire and train expensive resources and no risk of internal "talent flight"

Worry Free Maintenance

Worry Free Maintenance

Optezo monitors all robots and if necessary provides timely break/fixes

Rely on our proactive approach to RPA support

Access to usage, performance, and ROI dashboards at your fingertips

The Optezo Difference

The Optezo Difference

The Optezo RPA-as-a-Service cycle is designed with key attributes for business success:

  • Quick identification of the right process
  • Fast deployment to begin capturing business benefits
  • Continual improvement to achieve ROI goals for each process
  • Find and implement new areas of business improvement

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The Optezo RPAaaS Cycle

The Optezo RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS) Cycle has three core types of activities:

Process Selection from Optezo Process Catalog

Start the RPA journey the right way by prioritizing and selecting initial processes from Optezo’s process catalog and quantifying the expected ROI associated with these processes. Upon process selection, detailed process steps and success metrics are documented.

Build and Deploy RPA Robots

After processes have been selected and mapped, bots are then developed, tested, and deployed. Optezo Experts use the Optezo Playbook for bot development ensuring a standardized approach. Your business users and stakeholders validate the working bot and provide appropriate sign-offs.

Measure and Optimize

Critical to RPA success is ROI measurement, operational monitoring, and reporting. The Optezo Business and Operations Dashboard provides visibility to key metrics. The bots are refined on a continual basis based on the metrics. The goal is to extract the highest level of benefit from each bot until the point of diminishing returns. The Optezo team provides all the proactive bot support you need for steady state operations including support ticket management and bot updates as necessary.

After the initial bots are deployed, it’s time to choose your next automation candidates from the process catalog.

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About Optezo

We believe in the power of automation in the Enterprise.
Having worked in Enterprise organizations for over 20 years, we understand digital transformation and enterprise integration. We believe that automation will play a significant role in the success of your organization in the years ahead. Our goal at Optezo is to help great companies quickly realize the value of enterprise automation using RPA.

To obtain this value, traditional consulting models (which we’ve been a proponent for many years) will not cut it. There is a better way.

That’s why we set up Optezo using a RPA-as-a-Service model. Our vision is to bring you the benefits of RPA with a tightly defined playbook. Not in months and years, but in days and weeks. No need to build an internal development team. No need for expensive consultants. Optezo takes care of it for you. We have the playbook for your RPA success.

Optezo partners with and is a reseller of UIPath - the world’s leading RPA software company. In 2019, UiPath was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software. Over 5,000 enterprise customers rely on UIPath for their RPA deployments. You are in good hands with UIPath.

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