We believe in the power of automation in the Enterprise

About Optezo, the all-in-one RPAaaS

Having worked in Enterprise organizations for over 20 years, we understand both the successes and challenges of digital transformation and enterprise integration. We believe that automation will play a significant role in the success of your organization in the years ahead.

Our goal at Optezo is to help great companies quickly realize the value of enterprise automation using RPA

To obtain this value, traditional consulting models (which we’ve been a proponent for many years) will not cut it.

There is a better way.

That’s why we set up Optezo using an all-in-one RPA as a Service model. Our vision is to bring you the benefits of RPA with a tightly defined playbook. Everything you need to successfully build an RPA program is included - services, support, licenses from UiPath, hosting with Microsoft Azure. It's your RPA success in one package. No need to build an internal development team. No need for expensive consultants. Optezo takes care of it for you.

UiPath Certified Partner

Optezo partners with and is a reseller of UiPath - the world’s leading RPA software company. In 2019 and in 2020, UiPath was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software. Over 5,000 enterprise customers rely on UiPath for their RPA deployments.

UiPath Certified Partner

Optezo Cloud is powered by Microsoft Azure - Optezo’s powerful and secure cloud computing infrastructure, built using Microsoft Azure, is architected for client data security. Secure, governed, resilient and transparent in design, the Optezo RPAaaS platform is ideal for clients of all sizes.

Adam Bookman

Park City, UT

Adam Bookman on LinkedIn

Adam Bookman is an innovative marketer and thought leader in the emerging technology space. At Optezo, he focuses on marketing and technology partnerships of Optezo’s RPAaaS platform.

Alan Childs

Readington, NJ

Alan Childs on LinkedIn

Alan Childs is a highly respected Sales Leader with over 20+ years of proven experience across verticals and transformational technologies. At Optezo, he focuses on leading sales — helping organizations gain value from RPA through Optezo’s RPAaaS platform.

Eric Carlson

Pittsburgh, PA

Eric Carlson on LinkedIn

Eric Carlson is a highly respected thought leader with a keen eye for emerging technologies. At Optezo, he focuses on the core infrastructure and platform services of Optezo’s RPAaaS platform.

Larry Lauvray

Fairmont, WV

Larry Lauvray on LinkedIn

Larry Lauvray is well known for turning ideas that may start on the back of a napkin into world class solutions. At Optezo, he leads the engineering and development team of Optezo’s RPAaaS platform.

Shahab Choudhry

San Jose, CA

Shahab Choudhry on LinkedIn

Shahab Choudhry is a visionary thought leader who focuses on technology shifts and emerging technologies. At Optezo, he leads the customer success teams for Optezo’s RPAaaS customers.

why optezo

Reach RPA at scale quickly and reliably

It's “RPA in a Box”

Engaging with Optezo is easy. Everything you need to successfully build and scale an RPA program is included in one yearly fee.

Fast Track to ROI

Optezo’s RPA process catalog will help you quickly identify the right starter processes and your initial bots will be deployed in a matter of weeks.

Secure and Compliant

Optezo’s powerful and secure cloud computing infrastructure, built using Microsoft Azure, is architected for data security.

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