All-in-One Intelligent Automation as a Service from Optezo

All-in-One Intelligent Automation as a Service

Optezo offers our services in an as-a-Service model, helping companies quickly realize the value and return on investment of automation. We are a full-service platform providing the RPA + AI software, hosting, design, development, testing, service desk, maintenance, support, and operational and business reporting, all in one fee.

We find the as a service model to be a key differentiator against traditional consulting style approaches. The traditional approaches add un-needed overhead which can delay achievement of your breakeven point and in some cases the burden of overhead is too large to be offset by the benefit.

The “Intelligent Automation in a box” style of enterprise capability that we can offer gives our clients the ability to leverage a very mature automation COE on day one. We are able to initiate the COE in a matter of days which makes it easy to focus on building and deploying automations in rapid fashion. The timeframes associated with traditional approaches cannot compare. Our typical customer is up and running and realizing ROI with their first automations in production in as little as 4 weeks.

True Monthly Subscription

Pay as you go

The IAaaS solution is offered as a true monthly subscription under pay as you go or annualized contracts. Our model has a high degree of predictability in the cost associated with each automation as well as the total cost of ownership of the Automation COE.

process catalog

Pick the low hanging fruit

Optezo has curated a catalog of over 300 common business processes ripe for automation

  • Save weeks or even months bypassing the time-consuming discovery phase
  • Select processes from our catalog of automation use cases and create value from your first bot
RPA Process Catalog
execution playbook

Accelerate your time to value

Eliminate wasted time in development and bring value to your business faster

  • Repeatable streamlined steps allow Optezo to quickly build, validate and deploy your bots in industry-leading time frames
  • Our experience provides overarching automation delivery governance, adhering to best practices and proven standards
RPA Execution Playbook
Managed center of excellence

Teamwork, built in

Build, communicate and rally your organization around a vision and “automation roadmap”

  • Manage your automation portfolio and the scoring and phasing of new automation ideas from your users
  • Eliminate your need to hire and train internal staff to manage your intelligent automation program
RPA Center of Excellence
Automation Program Dashboard

Watch your savings grow real-time

A window into the ROI of your Automation program

  • See real-time, useful metrics about how the bots are working your processes
  • Visualize the impact automation is having on your organization — the growing number of hours of manual, repetitive work you've saved your workforce
RPA Program and ROI Dashboard

Additional Benefits

Optezo and UiPath PartnershipOptezo and Automation Anywhere Partnership

Trust the Industry Leaders

Optezo partners with and is a reseller of UiPath and Automation Anywhere - the world's leading RPA software companies. We utilize these enterprise automation + AI tools to deliver high-value, highly efficient automation services at scale.

Reusable RPA Components
Reusable component library

Massive Reusability

Benefit from industry-leading time-to-value. Optezo’s unique state-of-the-art library of bot integrations and reusable components are used to develop your robots. We minimize development time to bring value to your business faster — typically up and running in production in 3-4 weeks.

Scale Execution Robots through a Bot Farm
Scalable Bot Farm

Manage Capacity with Ease

Your business needs to keep up with fluctuating process volumes. With Optezo, your process automations will seamlessly scale so that your business will never slow down. Scale automation performance to match your needs – only pay for what you use.

Optezo utilizes Microsoft AzureOptezo utilizes Amazon AWS
Optezo Cloud

Private, Secure, Yours

Optezo's powerful and secure cloud computing infrastructure, built using Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, is architected for client data security. Secure, governed, resilient and transparent in design, the Optezo IAaaS platform is ideal for clients of all sizes.

Optezo Service Desk
Service Desk

You Can Rely on Your Bots

Optezo's service desk will always be monitoring your automations, just in case anything ever goes wrong. If there are anomalies, Optezo will identify and fix them quickly in accordance with your SLA.

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The Optezo Intelligent Automation use case catalog provided the needed jump start for our Digitization initiative...our ROI results are transparent and actively managed to ensure ongoing success

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CIO, $6B+ Credit Union

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