Introducing Optezo RPA-as-a-Service
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Introducing Optezo RPA-as-a-Service

We at Optezo see the value and benefits of RPA. Traditional consulting models are not cutting it. Enter Optezo RPA-as-a-Service.

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Adam Bookman
Adam Bookman
Adam Bookman on LinkedIn

Adam Bookman is an innovative marketer and thought leader in the emerging technology space. At Optezo, he focuses on marketing and technology partnership aspects of Optezo’s RPAaaS platform.

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is the fastest growing segment in the Enterprise Software space.  RPA can produce huge returns.  The relatively quick (read: weeks) automation of repetitive processes helps organizations cut costs, increase efficiencies, improve accuracy, make customers happier and employees more productive.  It can be a great money saver too.  Instead of replacing or modifying complicated legacy systems for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, why not use RPA?  Use cases are seemingly endless.

When done right, the value is certainly real.  But perhaps not surprisingly, it’s not always realized.  Many companies have experienced RPA gone wrong.  There are some repeatable reasons for this.  Here are three:

  • The wrong use cases are selected for the initial implementation (either processes that are too complicated, or ones that aren’t repetitive enough to provide value) and ROI is never proven, disheartening the team and stalling out the initiative.
  • The skills for RPA development and continual care and feeding don’t exist, are hard to find, or hard to keep employed.  Often expensive consultants are used for the initial implementation, but it’s too expensive to retain them for the long haul, so momentum is lost and RPA fizzles out.
  • RPA really starts to gain momentum when a double digit number of bots are developed and deployed.  To get this far, many recommend (and rightly so) the creation of an RPA Center of Excellence.  But doing so requires budget, building a team, evangelizing a new type of technology, etc. and these organization are often not budgeted for or not successful.

We at Optezo see the value and benefits of RPA.  We have seen the great benefits of RPA at organizations that take the right approach.  We want to make every organization successful with RPA.  We want to decrease the time it takes to see the value and return on investment.

“It’s RPA in a box. We take care of it for you.”

Traditional consulting models are not cutting it. Enter Optezo RPA-as-a-Service.

Our vision is to bring you the benefits of RPA through our tightly defined playbook. Optezo has created an extensive RPA process catalog with over 300 high-benefit, low-complexity processes ripe for automation.  Processes have been curated across corporate verticals and in key horizontals that apply to every company.  We quickly help our clients prioritize and select starter RPA processes.

Optezo has a team of proven experts who lead our clients through the entire RPA lifecycle from strategy to development to ongoing optimization.  No need to hire and train expensive resources and no risk of internal "talent flight".  We provide an out of the box RPA Center-of-Excellence - no need to build your own.  With our RPaaS offering, you don’t need to worry about maintenance of your RPA environment, we take care of that too.  Optezo monitors all robots and provides timely break/fixes and enhancements.  We also provide access to business and operational dashboards to assess bot usage, performance, and ROI.  All the software and hosting is provided by Optezo (using best of breed vendors like UIPath, Microsoft Azure, and AWS).

It’s RPA in a box.  We take care of it for you.  We are here to make you successful, to get you to that value as quickly as possible.

We know you’ll love it.  Contact us today to get started with our great Foundation Pack bundles that make it ease to engage.

About Optezo

Our goal at Optezo is to help great companies quickly realize the value of enterprise automation using RPA.

That's why we built Optezo to provide End-to-End Robotic Process Automation Services. Our vision is to bring you the benefits of RPA with a tightly defined playbook. Everything you need to successfully build an RPA program is included - strategy, implementation, support - or our All-in-One RPA as a Service.

Optezo eliminates the complexity, headaches and hassles of RPA so you can spend time on what's important.