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Optezo RPA Solutions for Human Resources
challenges of Human Resources Teams

Robots in Human Resources? Using automation within the team that’s responsible for bringing the most humanity to business? A resounding yes!

Organizations across the globe are utilizing Robotic Process Automation because of this very reason. RPA reduces or eliminates the mundane, “gotta do it” tasks by up to 40% to allow your Human Resources team to be more effective in the areas that matter.


In today's competition for the right candidates, you need to move fast so these these potential rock-stars don't end up elsewhere. Speed-to-Decision is a key metric for Enterprise growth.

Employee Onboarding

Shortening the amount of time between hiring and productivity can have a significant impact on both revenue and cost. This is especially important in 2020 with a fluctuating workforce.


Employees are the most important asset in an organization. Quickly responding to employee issues and ensuring data accuracy is extremely important to employee satisfaction.

Employee Termination

When it’s time to part ways, ensuring a clean departure is key. Missed IT permissions or other close-out tasks can create security breaches and other corporate risks.

The Benefits of RPA in
Human Resources

The benefits of RPA for Human Resources professionals

Avoid Costly Integrations

HR teams deal with a variety of internally hosted and 3rd party systems. ERP, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), recruitment, benefits administration, 401k management, background checks, and other backoffice IT systems. The ROI or feasability of connecting these through API methods may not exist, but RPA can seemlessly read, enter and perform actions on data in any system.

Automate Redundant Tasks

Providing more time for Human Resources professionals to create, communicate and be effective is the goal of every organization. RPA can automate the mundane processes to allow less desk-time and more time to work for the organization and the employees.

Increase Data Accuracy

The more systems involved, the higher chance of errors. Errors in employee payroll, benefit or other information can have a significant impact on the individual experience and the business overall. RPA can achieve 100% accuracy, so when information is right, it’s right.

Scale Instantly

Recruitment and hiring surges, open enrollment, business changes – the demands on Human Resources teams are dynamic. With RPA, the bots can scale instantly, allowing processes to execute as the business need requires. Process 1 or 10,000 resumes.

Top Human Resources
RPA Use Cases

Let robots handle the tedious and repetitive Human Resources tasks so your HR Professionals can be more productive in the areas that matter.

  • Recruitment and Resume Processing

    Quickly respond to candidates, schedule interviews, create and approve offer letters, perform candidate background and right-to-work checks.

  • Employee Onboarding

    Perform redundant data-entry on ERP, HRMS, and IT systems quickly and accurately. Automate security permissions, welcome notifications, and hardware procurement requests. Perform ESPP/Options documentation, 401k initiation, and employee ID creation.

  • Employment Ongoing Tasks

    Automate communication and documentation around open enrollment periods, ESPP notifications, vacation requests, employee reviews, sick leaves, change of benefits, expense management, and employee communication. Quickly perform timesheet management for employees and 3rd parties.

  • Employee Termination

    Automate the coordination of exit interviews. Perform ERP, HRMS, and IT system data changes, security permissions, hardware reclamation processes, and COBRA administration.

Common use cases for RPA in Human Resources

Why RPAaaS?

No need to tackle RPA on your own. No need for expensive consultants. Maximize your ROI with Optezo’s RPA-as-a-Service. We have the playbook.

Fast-Track to ROI

Optezo’s RPAaaS will help you quickly identify the right RPA candidate processes. Deploy your initial bots in a matter of weeks. Optezo focuses on your RPA time to value and will continually improve your bots to ensure you achieve your ROI goals.

“Instant-On” RPA Capability

Engaging Optezo provides you access to all the experts you need with deep experience in all aspects of RPA. No need to worry about RPA and Infrastructure setup. Optezo handles this for you.

Simplicity of Engagement Model

Engaging with Optezo is easy. All costs - software, hosting, development, support, enhancements, monitoring, and ROI reporting are included in one monthly fee.

Out of the Box RPA Center of Excellence

No need to build your own RPA COE. Optezo does it for you. We provide you everything you need for ongoing RPA success including RPA demand generation, governance, best practices, and communication.

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Contact us to better understand how Optezo can help your organization get ahead of your competition with RPA-as-a-Service.

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