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challenges of Contact Centers

Contact centers today play a critical role in customer satisfaction and experience. More and more they are the front lines of corporate revenue generation and retention.

But the information required to operate these contact centers tends to reside in a hodgepodge of disparate systems and require multiple user interfaces and logins. This makes seemingly simple tasks difficult and causes frustration for both employees and customers.

Updating legacy interfaces; adding or even just changing the screens on these monolithic applications can trigger long and costly projects to incorporate new fields or functionality as they are developed, tested, and users are trained and the solution is eventually rolled-out to the workforce.

Customer Account Management

Difficult to quickly access customer details, history, and potential current issues and update customer information, often in multiple backend systems.

Product Support

Challenging to accurately portray the current and past Product versions, FAQs, and known issues from disparate systems.

Self-Service and Support

Lacking a central knowledge-base creates a frustrating customer experience on self-help portals.

New Sales/Product Orders

Pricing and configuration details are sourced in many places, leaving the agent with stale or incorrect sign-up information.

The Benefits of RPA in
Contact Centers

The benefits of RPA for Call Centers and Contact Centers

Create Seamless Agent Experiences

By leveraging a robot assistant for agents, multiple system logins, lookups, and updates can be performed by the robot while the agent is focused on managing the customer; all while leaving legacy systems intact. This retains all existing business logic, screen configurations, and data security; while cost effectively improving the agents’ effectiveness.

Shorten Call Handle Time

Speed and accuracy are essential when handling customers, and robots shorten the overall call handle time by adding a 2nd set of "hands" for completing tasks in parallel. It is common for agents to retrieve information from multiple systems to complete a single transaction. With a robot assistant, multiple systems can be accessed in parallel (and in the background) while the primary interaction is front-and-center for the agent.

Enhance Self-Service Capabilities

Most contact centers have implemented some sort of initial “automated” customer interaction. Whether through a chatbot, IVR, or intelligent CTI routing - companies strive to garner as much information as possible before assigning a live agent. Automation can provide resolution at a fraction of the live-agent cost. Robots can increase the amount of self-help provided, since additional non-integrated systems and unstructured data can now be included in the evaluation, classification, and completion of the customer request. Customers hate dealing with machines, unless, the robot AI can provide faster value for resolution, accurately, without needing tons of extraneous RPA can provide.

Improve, Increase and Enhance Outbound Interactions

Many contact centers operate in both inbound and outbound modes. The inbound operations tend to benefit heavily from leveraging “attended” robots that work in conjunction and “inline” with agents. For outbound operations, the focus shifts to backend, or “unattended” robots to intelligently gather lists for the target audience.

Based on business rules, lists of people (clients, partners, employees, vendors, etc.) can be retrieved from backend systems and RPA bots can aid in new prospecting, follow-up surveys, collections, or proactive notifications and alerts. Deeper, faster, and more accurate engagement can happen automatically, saving human resources to handle the anomalies and harder scenarios.

Top Contact Center
RPA Use Cases

Let robots handle the tedious and repetitive Contact Centers tasks so your agents can be more customer focused and provide a better overall customer experience.

  • Customer Account Management

    Propigate account information updates through multiple systems, use basic account data, verify/lookup entitlement details from ERP, verify addresses using USPS validations, automate account creation and closure data entry (either attended or unattended). Build self-service for basic review/changes.

  • Product Support

    Automate the verification of product model, serial numbers, warranty purchase date. Process Returns (RMA) paperwork automatically (create, send email, kickoff logistics), provide deep “knowledge base” lookups to resolve customer issues and questions.

  • Service and Support Automation

    Proactively collect faults and alerts – automatically notify support team and stakeholders, intelligently notify constituents when service activities will impact production systems, provide self-service for Field techs to initiate tests, start/restart/end services, self-service for end-customers for advance troubleshooting (beyond FAQs).

  • New Sales/Product Orders

    Provide product compare/contrast information (pre-sales support), automate estimates, quotes, and PO paperwork (external and internal), capture prior purchase details for re-use - simplify the customer information collection, and instantly sync data across sales, service, and logistics systems to reduce after call work.

Common use cases for RPA in Human Resources

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